Author Topic: Got an ability idea?  (Read 4507 times)


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Re: Got an ability idea?
« Reply #45 on: September 28, 2012, 08:33:25 am »
Who doubts your capability lol?

Good luck, would love to see it in action whatever animation you choose.

The spell will be out very soon. I had everything in my mind already. The final task is designing the approriate code.

So, correct me if I got something wrong, but this is the "animation" the way I see it:

First up, Fradz spins around, only to daze himself so that he'll fumble around like a blind/drunk person, from time to time bouncing because of his unstable movement. What a boozer Fradz is to become. How tragegic.

Your perception is wrong, very wrong that is. Fradz spins because the two blades will form a sort of barrier around him and allow him to cut all enemies in the path. It doesn't relate in any way to getting drunk and spin around. You may want to continue supporting your idea, and I will be powerless to change your mind because you don't understand why I choose the spin animation instead of all animations lying around. I can firmly assure you that it is the only viable option, and any other animations will turn the spell into a total mess of ugly effects.

Feel free to point out why I am wrong if you can but please give a vivid demonstration (a similiar spell in some maps that use an animation other than spinning should do) to support your arguement.
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