How should we balance Gold in TCO?

It's fine, no balance needed. Keep it the way it is.
50% of the synthesis recipe cost should be added to the selling value.
Reduce the price of synthesis recipes.
Constant trickle of gold income: (i.e. 10gold/min).  [Not supported by Aero :P  ]
Creep/Monster kills should reward more gold.
Options 2 and 3.
I have a better idea and I posted it below.

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Re: Gold Balance
« on: November 03, 2011, 03:06:52 am »
I hav an idea.. I prefer the guild golds.. jz like Final fantasy 7

Cause Phodom,Fradz and Galeoth are all dragon slayers.. therefore dragon slayers is a guild.. so they earn extra money and exp.. when they complete another dragons slayers quest (althought i havent finish playing the whole game [sorry T.T]) .. (too busy with school projects..tmrw last day of it YES !!!)

Example :
Chapter 4 (The Thing)
the quest was activated by getting an intro with the 3 dragon slayers. so upon finishing their quest. u gain extra money and exp.

Oh yeah. make optinal farming quest like kill all the enemies (type of enemies) to gain extra gold or exp

Thats my opinion .. i would like to see is it good enough or not ^^