How should we balance Gold in TCO?

It's fine, no balance needed. Keep it the way it is.
50% of the synthesis recipe cost should be added to the selling value.
Reduce the price of synthesis recipes.
Constant trickle of gold income: (i.e. 10gold/min).  [Not supported by Aero :P  ]
Creep/Monster kills should reward more gold.
Options 2 and 3.
I have a better idea and I posted it below.

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Re: Gold Balance
« on: November 02, 2011, 12:33:07 pm »
Hey i kind'a hav an ideea.Why don't we introduce jobs in the game :>?
Like for each ch...For ex , in ch1 Richard give you two quests , after/if you finish all of them there should be:
-Player enters Richards's yard ,there , the bodyguard says
  xHey , Phodom , I can pay you if you take care of the yard
  xMaybe , depends
  xI will pay you with x gold per crop , however every 5th crop will duble the first prize.Also every crop seed costs x:2
  xWhat do I have to do to the crop seeds?
  xYou have to place them somewhere , then take the item watter and use it to them.
  xWait @ 1 minute and the crop seed will turn into a crop , bring it to me and win your prize.While you wait , you can go to other crops
  xI will consider it.

And goes on , in ch 2 the barbarians might need some help
In ch3 the ghost might ask Galeoth to do something
In ch4 , the three dragon slayers , or the marcheant
In ch5 , the farmers
In ch6 the rezidents
In ch7 the guards

So what do you think?
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