How should we balance Gold in TCO?

It's fine, no balance needed. Keep it the way it is.
50% of the synthesis recipe cost should be added to the selling value.
Reduce the price of synthesis recipes.
Constant trickle of gold income: (i.e. 10gold/min).  [Not supported by Aero :P  ]
Creep/Monster kills should reward more gold.
Options 2 and 3.
I have a better idea and I posted it below.

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Re: Gold Balance
« on: November 02, 2011, 10:50:58 am »
Yes, it certainly doesn't fit well with the theme, but then again, going for the "give up" over and over is like watching a movie again and again; depending on a person, and the movie, it might actually be better, or it can be horrible.

Isn't killing the same monsters same but even more simple?

So, at the moment you're forced to do give ups (excluding with Child's Play), but why wouldn't it be, that the campaign is completeable with every difficulty on the first attempt already?

When playing on Child's Play, Easy and Normal difficulties you should be able to complete the campaign without using Give Up.