How should we balance Gold in TCO?

It's fine, no balance needed. Keep it the way it is.
50% of the synthesis recipe cost should be added to the selling value.
Reduce the price of synthesis recipes.
Constant trickle of gold income: (i.e. 10gold/min).  [Not supported by Aero :P  ]
Creep/Monster kills should reward more gold.
Options 2 and 3.
I have a better idea and I posted it below.

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Re: Gold Balance
« on: November 02, 2011, 12:16:37 am »
One second thoughts I realised the flaw in the constant trickle of gold. There is a reason why I suggested it, let me explain:

The trickle of X commodity is a business model employed by games (mostly MMORPGs) with a focus on consumer hooking. It is a very effective method of holding on and potentially grabbing new customers. The idea is if you want the players to AFK farm that particular commodity. One musn't underestimate the power of subliminal marketing. You see say if you were to leave the game on during the day and you go about your daily business, there would always be the thought of your game in the back of your head generating you income. There is a huge advantage to having your customers constantly think about your game in any way possible, subliminally you are getting them addicted. Additionally when they come back to their computer, the first thing they see on their screen is the game still open. Guess what they will do the as the first task they get home, play your game! Compare this to without an AFK-farm idea, you'd come home, maybe take a shower or grab some food and open your computer to see a screen full of games that you can potentially choose from.

There is a bit more to it then that, but that is the summary of the idea behind the constant trickle, even though it may not work in the SP-RPG I hope you all learnt something about business (game) strategies  ;)  .


  • The first issue I'd like to raise is the price of selling synthesised items versus individual items. The problem here is you make a LOSS by combining items. Take a look at Diamond Ring for example:
    • Diamond Ring  (Costs 6000 for recipe - sells for 4500)
    • Amulet of Magic (Sells for 750)
    • Amulet of Life (Sells fro 750)
    • Amulet of Great Life (Sells for 1250)
    • Amulet of Great Magic (Sells for 1250)
    • Now if we were to sell each individual component and NOT combine it, our profit would be. (750+750+1250+1250+6000 = 10000). If we combined it to use in the game then sold it later we only get (4500), that is less than HALF! What am I inferring here? "You are punishing players heavily for combining items". What is one FUN ASPECT of RPGs...  --> Making awesome items. See the problem? It doesn't make sense.
  • The second problem is how many play throughs are required to be able to experience all the items. I have calculated roughly that to be able to complete all the items in the game a player would need to start Chp. 1 with 150,000 Gold (and then they would still need to grab every item and farm every creep on every chapter) to have enough to spend.

    Now how many play-throughs is that? Playing through on Normal + Hard difficulties, it has taken me 5 (probably more for others) 'give-ups' to reach this and I'm a pretty OCD RPG player in terms of getting all the items and killing everything each time.

    I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but rather if you guys are happy with the game aiming for this mark then ok. But not all players are willing to replay the game that many times and the fear here is that you will be putting of new-comers or players who are not willing to spend countless hours.

I believe the key here is fixing the synthesis costs and fixing creeps to give more gold as the levels progress.

"Ah come on, just when it was going all nice and steady, I have to start over."

DD Canada sums it up with a very valid point. That is exactly how I felt the first time I played this campaign and was almost about to quit because of it, but didn't cause I love games too much. Others will definitely be feel this way and leave.
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