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Re: Campaign Rewards
« on: September 11, 2014, 05:36:50 am »
Idea about summoning of "Diablo" is great. What will you get after killing him?
No idea yet. Open for suggestions.

What is the
purpose of this "target"? Gold bonus for destroying it?

I think permament stats for a character / characters.

What about game points? Like as if you got 10000 game points - what exactly you can do with all this game points?
For interludes which I'm gonna add in a text format to the campaign. Also the secret ending will be revealed when you have enough.

And Combat King Mastery - the idea is that you will be able to spend honor points on spellbook upgrades?

Maybe that's a bad idea after all... I mean adding combat kings to the beginning of game.

in this case you can add special recipe for average items to upgrade it to the new ones. In my opinion it is A LOT OF ITEMS in the campaign, but much of the good individual items not worth to be taken in the inventory in comparison with Set items - therefore I've suggested just something new for upgrading such individually good items. But if you think that it is too much already - I suppose you know much more about the items and sets added in Ch.10 ;D ;D ;D

Habadi, babadi,  baa.  :'(