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Re: Campaign Rewards
« on: September 10, 2014, 03:50:48 am »

I don't wanna mix campaign rewards with Game Points.

...What kind of items?

There are 5 difficulties (except child's play - no bonus for cheating mode OFC) - therefore each difficulty will provide 5 different items with equal starting bonuses but the difference is in the next: each item could be upgraded just by combining it with lesser magic balls (not to increase magic damage only) and for example for the easiest difficulty each upgrade will give +2 stat to main attribute and +1 to each others - for the hardest +10 stat to main and +5 to each other - the idea is like that - it can be not the stat bonuses only but anything you want with the progression of bonus from the easiest to the hardest - therefore you will have a unique item that is flexible and upgraded with a game progress with an increasing effect depending on the difficulty. So, the item won't be overpowered in the start of the game but it can become something significant as far as there are a lot of lesser magic balls throughout the campaign.
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