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Re: [Bug Thread] Version 1.0
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Btw I did the easter egg of chapter 2, but the trigger doesn't work and nothing happen, like the author of thread to find it say. In fact the sink it's very hard to kill even with max speed of galaxy orb, I tried like 10 times and just 2 times can hit but no kill before it explodes, and need items and levels to achieve a fast kill. You can get 500 of movement speed with zocmo's boots, thief's boots and invi.

Author: Lunarisc

Chapter 2

Unobtainable/Disabled, the mechanics work but killing the Giant Skink aka "Big Dinosaur" does nothing, even with cheats to kill it the moment it spawns and with at the first attempt.
Probably Disabled

Maximum Movement Speed.
Must complete within 15 seconds on activating.

Easter Egg will start if Fradz goes to these areas:
The Bridge area/Synthesis Shops
Almost Entire Area South of the Hill of Nhutzi
Noctoriah's Mausoleum

There are two cactus plants to take note of:
Cactus Plant A is the one directly northwest of Noctoriah's Mausoleum.
Cactus Plant B is northwest of Cactus A just a few steps away. This is the cactus you want to stand at.

Another thing to take note of is where the "Giant Skink" will spawn. It is in the huge spacious area on the northside of the road where a cluster of cacti are growing.

The region where the Skink spawns is marked by a huge fog effect, the Skink spawns in the center and
will wander around that area.

How to get:
Step just beside Cactus Plant B, I recommend the right side. Now quickly run to the area where the
Skink spawns and kill it. It has 600hp, it is very huge and covers half the screen. If you don't kill it in 15seconds it will explode and you have to restart from the cactus.
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