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Re: [Bug Thread] Version 1.0
« Reply #15 on: January 02, 2018, 07:11:57 pm »
In previous versions I can stack Tera Ring (allow 6 levels above chapter) and Ring of Wisdom, (5 levels) ---> 11 levels total.
In 1.0 version, Tera Ring allow your hero to be 15 levels above the limit of chapter, but Ring of Wisdom doesn't stack its 10 levels... So I finished the game in chapter 10 with level 115, but not with 125.

Even in very old versions... Tera Ring was stackable with its synthesis, like mega ring (you can't have Giga and Tera at same time), I understood that was a bug, and it was corrected, but Ring of Wisdom is coming from a different source of Tera Ring, and should be stackable.

EDIT: My bad!!, you have to equip both rings at same time, and yea, I got lvl 125 on 3 heroes... Just a minor bug: After get all ability points available, when the experience bar are full and get another level, but no surpass lvl 125, the first ability of each hero go from 20 to 19... who cares? your heroes are so powerful, even I beat Zylcious at first attempt in hard-core (no need to load, first time!!).

In chapter 7 I had the same problems about boxes in gladiator arena, but at that time I didn't lose anything special in my Galeoth's boxes (just mysterious ring, but I never need Potion of Ability from Varmath), cause Fradz and Phodom had special items in their boxes. So I test finishing the chapter before doing more at that 7 chapter, to check at ch. 8 how was my Galeoth boxes... The result... Insane! It loads a previous boxes from my last playtrough like 3 years ago... And at that time, my Galeoth's boxes had Aerial sword and armor, so I come back to chapter 7, and did aerial shoes, finishing with 2 Aero items!... Its a bug, but I never thought that could be possible. Even I had 2 Blessed Amulets!!

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