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Re: [Bug Thread] Version 1.0
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I don't know if I'm just extremely unlucky, but I had to end this game in the second chapter due to two unbeatable bosses.

First chapter epic boss was weirdly bugged - in the middle of a fight his HP suddenly dropped from ~30k to 10k. From this point, after every golem summon he ended up with 10k hp every time, no matter what, and I just couldn't beat him between those summons (I've spent almost 2 hours just in this fight, no deaths or mistakes but I just couldn't beat him).

Luckily i had the save before entering fight, so I just skipped him and moved to chapter 2. However Noc'toriah (the elite boss) was after his third phase unbeatable also. He started to cast in the middle of a room and i was dead out of nowhere. this time i had the save in the middle of this fight, so this means the end for my game. I was trying to beat him for about an hour (due to looong loading times) but every time he killed me with this bugged spell and i couldn't do anything. After several tries my game finally crashed with a fatal error.

I remember playing this game back in 2011 and I had no problems with these bosses...

That's really unfortunate that you could not continue, my advice always save in multiple slots I got like 200 saves.
Or probably play on a lower setting too, I remember that the game was pretty hard. But if you learn everything, you can become stronger and better. Also, the abilities of your Heroes are so important. I had my problem with the game too, thats why i want too provide a list with all the bugs the game has, so some day they will be fixed so new player or even player who played a early version can enjoy the game the fullest. Because it is worth too play even with all the bugs. For the most part you can play around many bugs.

Epic Boss Chapter 1:

I guess I remember the Epic Boss healing himself, i dunno myself if it is a bug, but I add it too be sure.
It is possible too beat him, i did it on the hardest difficult in a new game.
But most Elite or Epic Boss battles are just harder and you can just skip em.


I remember 2 of the abilities that can kill you really fast in the fight, one are the balls that follow you when the boss is casting in the middle, you just need to run in a circle around the wall and avoid balls, also some balls are invincible i guess, so i almost never stop running, for me that works most of the time. The other mechanic is that he cast lines that rotate around the chamber, if you touch them your probably dead and if your near the boss when he starts it, well your dead....

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