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Re: [Bug Thread] Version 1.0
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All or almost all Chapters:

- If the game gets paused of any kind (like teleporters) there is a change you will be unable too move after it and be stuck, the only
solution is too load a older savestate (this bug is quite random, in my first playtrought it never happened,
 but in others, specialy in chapter 2 it happened often and in the chapters after that some time, not sure but it could be that it happens often when you cansel the dialogue too quick or double click dialogue)

- Some abilitys/buffs/debuff overright each other, like (Phodom) Heavenīs Bless and (Galeoth) Seal of Resurrection and some posion debuffs.


- Fradz: Lightning Storm: Most buffs on Fradz get removed when he uses the spell. Also the magic damage scaling seems of from 60 magic damage the spell only deals 12 more damage + the damage is rly low. (maybe add it the the tooltip or change the spell)
- Fradz: Lightning Charge: It does not Link units together and distrubute their damage taken amongst each other.(but health regen is applyd)

- Phodom: Rallying Shout: Some spells, abilitys will still do damage too Phodom.

Chapter 1:

-(bezdak) Epic Boss: The boss heals himself after every golem back too 10k HP if he had less, so if you cant dps him down in between, you cant beat him.

Chapter 7:

Major Bugs:


Minor Bugs:

- Canon Puzzle: The Hotkeys of the Canon abilitys are in the wrong order:(left to right) Pool of Flame(E), Attack Boost(Q), Seismic Shock(R), Power Blast(W). (should be Q,W,E,R)

Stuff reported from other people and mostly stuff i did not test myself:

-(Zaerth) Legendary animal set got a hudge "E" before saying it damage, like "E-200 damage"
-(Zaerth) I can't find the ilbod too
-(Zaerth) Where yurgimar is defeat, at the cutscene, Fradz said to "face reaility", instead of reality.

-(bebaxt) Slimes and attacking flowers in chapter 4 do not give any gold. They are not re-spawning units.
-(bebaxt) In chapter 9, after Yurgimar fight few of tentacles casting impale kept casting that spell during the cinematics. That costed me at least 10 lives.
-(bebaxt) In chapter 10 Libot gets lost, nowhere to be found after the mission(seems like bebaxt found him).
-(bebaxt) In chapter 9, I wanted to restart the Yurgimar fight and loaded the saved game at the start of the fight; game crushed at the end of the loading.
So, I loaded a saved game at the start of the chapter 9. That one also crushed at the same point.

-(crazyshort) In chapter 5 I cannot craft greater magic ball.
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