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Re: [Bug Thread] Version 1.0
« on: September 01, 2015, 11:44:38 am »
Ho, i think you're right, i think i got galeoth before doing the mini-boss.

By the way, "

- Puzzle of bota : When you leave a heroe on a circle, sometimes, when another caracter move on another circle, it also change the first one. It also can change a box into a circle if you complete a puzzle with box on circle.


The bug is corrected by the game (idk how), the circle get back their right color after a couple of second, but leaving a heroe on circle will change it periodically, and without being corrected, but dunno if it's a bug or wanted.

Couple of more minor bug :

The item angel's wing doesn't work in box, it have to revive your heroe from anywere and has 3 stacks, but do nothing, gonna try with it in inventory.

Every units who get invulnerable armor get a child incon for both attack and armor.

I noticed two error in text but i'll need to do the campaign again, i remember seeing one on chapter 4, and one at chapter 8 with a troll who said " blablabla some some blablablabla" I think it's the troll chief when congratulate you for get ride of the golem.

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