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Re: [Bug Thread] Version 1.0
« on: September 01, 2015, 03:22:25 am »
Hi, i'm new, currently playing the campaign, and i'm on a third run with 40 hours played.

As i love your work all, there is my little help for the bug :)

Major Bugs:

- Switch items with boxes and heroe may erase some item when it has to switch position with empty case.

- The item francesca just disappear when it's laying on the ground

Minor Bugs:

- On the leaderboard, the esper of ice doesn't have his spell display, there just nothing or 0. But i seems to bug at chapter 4 and 5, after reloading a save, it can be back

- On the leaderboard, the damage of hight strike of fradz isn't display.

Chapter 5:

Major Bugs:

- As said before somewhere else, you can cross the river, near phodom spawn, by walking underwater.

Minor Bugs:


Chapter 6:

Major Bugs:

- A miniboss is missing, the one who drop the jade blade, after the ice general.

- When killing xada, if you stole the armor and leave it on the ground, it isn't teleported on your caracter, so it may be lost if you kill the second boss without picking it up (as coming back trigger the boss fight, but idk if it's so bad, cauz you can buy it in the next chapter).

Minor Bugs:


Chapter 7:

Major Bugs:

- updated soon

Minor Bugs:

- Puzzle of bota : When you leave a heroe on a circle, sometimes, when another caracter move on another circle, it also change the first one. It also can change a box into a circle if you complete a puzzle with box on circle.

- Box can activate the auction house.

-The auction house said "!" and present any items, dunno if it's a bug or not, but it seems to appear after leaving while buying a item.

Thanks Zaerth,

its helpful that some people write bugs down i didnt find,
i will include them soon, just wanted to test them and make sure they are bugs.

also i have some major/minor bugs i didnt include yet, cuz i wanted to test them more.
I just need to continue the Campaign ^^.

p.s - A miniboss is missing, the one who drop the jade blade, after the ice general.

Did you go there, when you had Galeoth with you or before.

I never had that bug, i delay Galeoth until the end of the Chapter, cuz you cant finish a few Quest if you already have him in the Party.