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Re: 1.6 Help Masterthread
« on: September 03, 2011, 09:04:22 am »
To clarify what Chimto said.

Game Saves are only loadable in the version of the game they were saved, think of it like a single player skirmish on a custom map loading would load where you were on that map. If a new version of the map was made you would need to start a new game to play the new version as loading the old version would theoretically load everything the way it was when it was saved.

However, when you finish each chapter a Campaign save or save point is made. This is read whenever ANY version of TCO is started. So if you ever finished chapter 6 you have a special save that version 1.6 will load your data from when you start chapter 7.

If you want to start the campaign again with bonus resources use the give up option from the control panel box and it will make a give up save or save point. Then when you start a new game using the load from give up option it will load that save point and let you start with the resources you had.

I hope that explained it well :)
Sry, but i'm a dont quite get it well, can u use a more simplier way to explain to me?? :) :)
Sry for my 'dumbness'  :P :P
If you can't understand what AdmOrian said, then please explain to us your current situation. Because I can't seem to find a way to explain it more clearly than AdmOrian did.
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