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Re: The Help Masterthread
« Reply #630 on: March 17, 2015, 11:37:15 pm »
Hello all.

I have a big problem against last boss, Xvareon. When last stage of the fight start (with the countdown), I get crash everytime before fight ends. I tried many things, like kill it as fast as I could, or run around waiting countdown to reach 0, but still game crash. (even if nothing is begin attacked, no one is using any spell)

I also tried to save every minute waiting for countdown, but at the end it starts to crash right after I load (9 to 11 sec after the game start exactly). Anyone has a tip to avoid that ? The boss isn't even that hard (I chosed easy, I regret it^^), but still can't finnish it because it crash anyway. Don't wanna use give up only because of that... Should I do again chapter 10 and directly kill xvareon without do any quest nor elite/epic boss ?

Hi there, Just a couple questions, is there any way to avoid chapter 10 lag on zylicious fight?
It literally has destroyed any hopes of me beating him...

Mmmmh, have you tried to reduce quality ? (war 3 -> options -> videos -> change settings)
I had same problem but for epic boss at chapter 7 (I don't know why, I had 0 lag until this fight but just see him dropped my fps to 2 only, unplayable.) After reducing all settings by one only, I could fight it with no problem. Still had some screen lag when an illusion was coming, after killing it, I put settings back to what it was.
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