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Re: The Help Masterthread
« Reply #630 on: February 13, 2015, 08:47:57 am »
OK. So I've seen the Yurgimar battle guides, but none of them focus on the most frustrating part of the battle for me. Stage 1.

I'm fighting him on easy, and staying alive isn't that hard to do, but he's constantly flying away and regenerating to full. This could go on forever. How do I prevent him from healing?

I think you are playing 1.9, it's pretty old and famous for Yurgimar phase 1's bug. I think you should move to 2.1. If it's too difficult, you can use this exploit: when you go to Yurgimar, say that you don't want to fight him now => Now he should be available, steal him and kill him, easy as joke =]]]] (note that this won't save you from fighting him in stage 2, which is actually the most insane fight in all the campaign)

if i play a single chapter for more than 3 hrs i get lot lag and fatal error this happen specially chapter 10 take time to kill all the monstrositys is there anyway to fix this? i thing it is and warcraft thing..

and also can anyone describe the attack pattern of the monstrosity all lvls..

I think it's your computer problem. I play chapter 10 like 7 hours - 10 hours without any problem (except saving time is a bit longer), you may also consider upgrade your warcraft version to latest (I use 1.24e and 1.26a, both are ok).

About monstrosity, in higher level, when they attack, you will see the number on your character who is being attacked. 1 2 3 4 5 and your character die. I think it's a bug, it should be 5 4 3 2 1 and 0. The number will reset when the monster attack another character, so keep your Phodom and Fradz running around. Special note: I was able to do this before, unleash Phodom's Chaotic Rift, after that Galeoth's Frozen Paradise, and then Fradz's Teleport Strike, and then all disable skills you have, after that the monster is hexed and stunned forever! Cool right? Not sure if it's still possible :D
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