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Re: The Help Masterthread
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When on Phodom path, you walk into a crystal cave. Zoom out your camera so you can see a big area, go around and you will see a wisp inside the crystal, click on it. There are 5 in total.

If you play properly, you will unlock 6 teleports in total and will be able to use the teleports without any magic ball. You unlock 1 at the beginning, where you receive the quest, 2 on Phodom path, 1 on Fradz path, 1 on Galeoth path and one near the obelisk.

About Epic/Elite, you won't be able to fight them if you don't complete teleports quest.

About the Keepers, I think it's a bug. Actually it should be Keeper of Revenge who drops the Keeper Mask, not keeper of the dark.

Sell it.
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