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Re: The Help Masterthread
« Reply #615 on: January 30, 2015, 05:20:45 am »
i can't find mini boss at Mysterious Monuments in chapter 8. how can i find him?

The first thing you have to do - actually not to do - is not to kill the monemunts.
Set you heroes on "Stop" or "Hold" position and attack the red monument with one of the Phodom's direct damage spells (1st spell) - the golem would appear. Kill him. After it attack the blue monument with Galeoth's direct spell (1st spell) - another golem. And on the 3rd time attack the Yellow monument with Fradz's direct damage spell (again 1st) - the Boss finally would appear. Do not forget to steal his item - it is a part of Omega Set!

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