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Re: Help Me FAQ
« Reply #60 on: September 09, 2012, 01:22:28 am »
How does one find the two mini bosses Behemoth and Tazefda?
  • Behemoth: defeat the chapter boss and complete the quest 'Challenge'. Then go back to Shazular's place and the mini boss will be there. You also must not complete the Epic Quest before defeating the mini boss or he will be removed from the map.
  • Tazefda: The procedure should work. Try asking hamza_tm, he completed all the quests in chapter 8.
And what's with the empty space below Ice lake portal and to the left of Ice Plaza portal?
My limited knowledge prevented me from answering this question.
And how to use Ogozoma; its damm difficult to achieve 10000 mana needed to activate it, and I don't know the effect of activating it.. And who should I look for in the game for more info about Ogozoma; cause one troll asked me to do so
The item is not yet completed. The second part of the question isn't available in my current data collection of the campaign.
Just to add, there's a barrier preventing me from entering the Ice Plaza area itself and I already completed all optional quests (except for the epic boss) and finished the chapter boss
Answer not available.
Lastly, where's the lucky box for chapt 8?
It is in the bottom left corner of the map, but you cannot access it as of current version due to a terrain bug.