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Re: Chapter 8 Elite Boss
« on: May 25, 2012, 04:41:46 am »
Hi, in the meantime I also managed to defeat this Boss.

My solution was pretty simple: As manstein already stated, the exploding Infernals are the greatest problem, so I decided to not care about them and  just focused all damage on the Boss.
Worked really fine for me, because Fradz healed the damage from the infernals with Life-Stealer, Phodom
just survived with ShieldOfFire and Maximilian and Galeoth was running around all the time in order to avoid dying.

So my realisation was that the Infernals are impossible to control,
they are more like an unexplicit time limit.
Your only option is to kill the Boss, before too many infernals came down.
(If anyone managed to defeat the infernals faster than they came, please tell me how)

So, I would suggest you let the Event, which summons an infernal, happen less often, so you have a chance of handling the infernals, instead of having to ignore them.

mfg TTH

PS: Of course it would also help, if CombatKings and Espers were working in Chapter 8.