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Re: 1.9 Bug Masterthread
« Reply #270 on: January 18, 2015, 01:33:08 pm »
bug with shop in chp 3 i know you remove the items (zocomo,soul ore,gaeloth spell) in 2.1a or some thing but you put it back in 2.1c right? but the items are still missing in 2.1c also there is a "battlemage set boot" on ground on where galeroth stand when chapter starts.

also the "reaper hourglass" disappear... if you start from end game (still there) and then give up at chapter 4 and start again from "give up"(hourglass missing).had put the hourglass in the box before "give up"

also got "apocalyse(banned)" from chapter1 lucky box what is this banned(its it error?mi not suppose to use it)
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