Author Topic: 1.9 Bug Masterthread  (Read 20992 times)


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Re: 1.9 Bug Masterthread
« Reply #270 on: January 16, 2015, 08:05:56 am »
Major bug:
- Chapter 8: save at the end of chapter fails. Spell books and Phodom's combat kings disappear in chapter 9. I use older version to load chapter 9 without luck => it seems the problem is in c8.

Items bug:
- Behearlm (not sure about the name, c8 lucky box 27 luck): after increase damage to 1000 it resets to 100.
- Ultimate Orb and Zyl Orb can be combined
- Megaece (item which deals 100k mp) + Mana Rod = Vampire Fang (interesting)
- Medal of Honor: bonus is not apply if it is put inside a box
- Golden trophy: I think this item is supposed to work inside a box. It's not worth to be a c7 reward if it cannot work inside a box.
- Tears -