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Re: 1.9 Bug Masterthread
« Reply #270 on: January 10, 2015, 09:40:26 pm »
Some bugs in 2.1a:
- Mystery Library quest: when Fradz comes near the book the triggers the cinematic, if I skip that then game will stuck (have to Alt + F4)
- Epic boss 1st state: sometimes he just disappears and cannot be found anywhere, wait for 2-3 minutes without luck, this usually happen after he spawns his illusions around battle area (I killed all his illusions).
- Epic boss 1st state: when I burned down all his mana and kill him, he teleports to somewhere and starts healing. If I attacks him in this state, he will teleports to somewhere else and continues healing but he's nowhere to be found on the map (see this only once, not happen after I load the game)
- The items that deal 100k hp / mp deal only about half the damage (even worse, sometimes it's just 30k...). I'm not sure if it counts the armor or magic resistance or not, but I think it supposes to deal 100k hp/mp and ignores armor / resistance.
- Poison Sting doesn't seem to work on Uummut (or some triggers cancelled it? This also happened before when I put it in Xvareon, it seems after a trigger, the effect is cancelled). This item is the key to win Xvareon / Uummut, but it's just useless if it works this way.
- Epic boss final state: my items is randomly removed, is this intended? How do I suppose the fight Xvareon if I lose my ultimate sets and resurrection items :( ?

- Galaxy Orb: it kills only Empowered units
- Can you make Galaxy Orb / Universe Orb able to active / inactive? Let's say, I want to steal / gain extra stats first, it's troublesome to change the item in and out.
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